Get Radical To Fix U.S. Oil, Energy Issues

Randy Essex, editorial director and the Rocky Mountain Institute, sees a critical role for electric vehicles to help reduce America's trade deficit and oil dependence.

Published: 17-Jan-2012

As a student journalist in 1979, struggling to afford gas for my thrifty Ford Maverick, I covered a speech by Gerald Ford in which he warned that as Iran's stability quavered, Americans would soon learn about the Strait of Hormuz and its crucial role in world oil markets.

More than 32 years later, as we hear about Iran's latest threat to close the strait and U.S. gas prices rise, it seems we haven't learned much.

On energy, as with so many other issues, our national leaders are stuck and our narrative is stuck.


Conceptual illustration of 500kW battery bank.

China power equipment manufacturer Dongfang Electric will install a 500-kilowatt battery bank attached to a 1.5-megawatt wind turbine and diesel generator.

Romney with coal miners who were compelled by their employer to attend event without pay.

Republican candidate for U.S. President shifted to right on energy as run for White House beckoned.

Alberta tar sands produce vast areas of toxic waste at high costs.

The ever-higher cost of oil extraction means it is delivering substantially less energy 'profit' or surplus wealth to society than it used to.


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