Ener1 Battery Customers Remain Loyal Despite Chapter 11 Filing

EnerDel still has customers for its advanced lithium batteries including Volvo and Waxiang electric cars in China

Published: 02-Feb-2012

Who would ever imagine that we would reach a point in politics where one party is openly rooting for the failure of American companies? Yet that is exactly what the GOP is doing these days, cheering loudly whenever a green energy company files for bankruptcy and making a point to tie it all back to President Obama.

The thing about bankruptcy is that it doesn’t mean the end of the company, as the auto bailouts showed. While some companies, like Solyndra, inevitably closed showed after liquidating their assets, another recently-bankrupt company, EnerDel (also referred to as Ener1) has announced that many of their former customers are standing by the battery-makers side, hoping for a leaner, more efficient company.

Ener1’s story is not for the faint of heart, that is for sure. While EnerDel batteries were slated for use in the Th!nk City EV, Th!nk’s own bankruptcy (it’s third in a decade) saw production cease of its little electric car, slashing demand for EnerDel’s batteries. As it so happens, Ener1 owned a controlling interest in Th!nk Global, and ended up losing more than $73 million when the EV maker went bankrupt once again.


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