PHOTO CAPTION: 2006 Civic Hybrid that Honda claims could get 50 mpg.

Court Awards Plaintiff in Honda Civic Hybrid Lawsuit

California awarded Heather Peters US$9,867 on claim that Honda misled on its mileage claims for the Civic Hybrid. Win could start revolution in small claims court.

Published: 05-Feb-2012

LOS ANGELES — Heather Peter’s computer crashed under the onslaught of messages following her unique victory over Honda in small claims court — a win the California woman is hoping will lead other consumers to reject a class action settlement over defective hybrid cars.

Peters, who was at the center of a whirlwind as she welcomed camera crews to her home, said she has received more than 500 Facebook messages and had 6,000 hits on her website following a court decision awarding her $9,867 and finding Honda misled her into thinking her Hybrid could get 50 miles per gallon. She said the 2006 model, which she still owns, gets about 30 mpg.

Peters’ win in small claims court was a unique end run around the class action process and set the stage for others to follow suit. She sees her victory as benefiting not just Honda owners but all consumers.


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