PHOTO CAPTION: Ford Focus Electric

Electric Car Adoption On Pace With Other Technology Introductions

Electric vehicle industry executives see similarities between adoption of electric cars and other technological innovations.

Published: 06-Feb-2012

Think back 10 years -- gasoline was under $1.50 a gallon and a fairly new device called an iPod could hold up to 4,000 songs “in your pocket.”

Now -- think ahead 10 years. What do you see?

While it is impossible to know what exactly the future holds, automotive industry executives and analysts recently took a shot at envisioning what the future holds for electric vehicles.


1911 Woods Electric Dual Power Hybrid could coast along at 15 mph on its batteries and up to 35 mph on its IC engine.

Former deputy assistant to George Bush comes out in support of electric vehicles with a brief review of their early history.

Charging Chevrolet Volt.

Westinghouse nuclear program project manager Ulrich Decher, PhD gives his take on the impact of electric cars.

Teams celebrate finish of around-the-world race in zero emission vehicles.

Race completed 80 days of travel time, covering 28,000 km through 16 countries.


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