PHOTO CAPTION: EADS Voltair all-electric fanliner concept

First Step Taken Towards Future Electric Airliners

Multi-disciplinary Actuation 2015 consortium formed to reduce electricity use of aircraft that doesn't contribute to propulsion.

Published: 14-Feb-2012

Semiconductor firm Microsemi Corp. announced this morning that it would participate in the multi-disciplinary Actuation 2015 consortium with the eventual goal of producing the underpinnings of an all-electric aircraft.

The group is specifically tasked with developing standardized Electro Mechanical Actuators, or EMAs for short, for the aerospace industry. EMAs allow manufacturers to eliminate hydraulic circuits, pumps and reservoirs, reducing the weight and cost of the aircraft as well as the number of parts that could fail.

It’s a three-year effort funded by the European Union.


Pipistrel Taurus Electro G2 motorglider

Taurus Electro G2 is the only electric 2-seat airplane in serial production available on the market.

eGenius electric motorglider during development at University of Stuttgart's Institute of Aircraft Design.

eGenius electric motorglider demonstrator marks yet another step toward alternative fuels roadmap, says Airbus, the project's sponsor.

University of Stuttgart's eGenius aircraft flew for 20 minutes, powered by lithium batteries and 60kW emotor.

eGenius flies for 20 minutes powered by a unique 60kW electric engine.


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