PHOTO CAPTION: Corbin Sparrows came in rainbow of colors.

Corbin Toying with Sparrow EV Concept Again

Is the world ready now for Mike Corbin's 'best idea,' a single seat electric three-wheeled commuter?

Published: 01-Mar-2012

HOLLISTER, California — Mike Corbin fiddles with his coffee cup as he sits in his ’50s-style diner, a bit of kitsch he added to his warehouse on the outskirts of town. This is not the Hollister you see advertised on the shirts and sweatpants worn by teenagers. It’s industrial, gritty, a little run down. But for Corbin it is heaven, a place where his dreams once came true.

And might yet again.

Corbin built this diner so customers could grab a bite after wheeling their motorcycles into his garage for a new saddle. This is what he’s famous for, what got him inducted into the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame more than a decade ago. Corbin, 68, made his name stitching custom motorcycle saddles and selling custom motorcycle parts.


Joe Siudzinski with his Corbin Sparrow single-seat electric commuter.

Ellie Van Houtte chronicles the adoption of electric vehicles in and around Los Altos, California in part one of a two-part series.


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