PHOTO CAPTION: Fraunhofer ISE solar-powered hydrogen fueling station.

Fraunhofer ISE Debuts Solar Hydrogen Filling Station

The main components of the filling station are a 30 bar pressure electrolyser, a mechanical compressor for hydrogen compression to 700 bar.

Published: 08-Mar-2012

Solar and water will power cars that fill up at Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems’ first solar hydrogen filling station.

Using electricity generated from solar or wind power, hydrogen is produced by means of electrolysis. Once tanked with hydrogen in a fueling time of about three minutes, fuel cell cars can travel a distance of more than 400 km.

Sponsored by the Ministry of the Environment Baden-Wuerttemberg, the publically accessible filling station in Freiburg is one of the few stations that exhibits the entire value chain—starting from electricity generated from renewable energy, through electrolysis and ultimately to refueling the vehicle with hydrogen—in the network of hydrogen filling stations being set up in the German state of Baden-Wuerttemberg.


Ballard Fuel Cell

Technology viewed as suitable in selected niche markets only.

Representatives of two companies make announcement at return of Mercedes-Benz 30,000 km FCell World Drive.

The two companies plan to construct an additional 20 hydrogen filling stations in Germany over the next three year

Hydrogen fuel cell-powered Microcab H2EV.

Designed for urban travel, Micro:Cab is powered by 3kW fuel cell, and can run 120 miles between refueling.


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