PHOTO CAPTION: Vauxhall/Opel RAD concept pedal-assist e-bike.

Vauxhall/Opel Reveal RAD Concept Pedelec e-Bike

Computer rendering of electric pedal-assist bicycle would be answer to smart's own electric bicycle initiative.

Published: 08-Mar-2012

Pictures have finally emerged of the Vauxhall/Opel RAD e Concept pedelec (pedal-assist electric bicycle, in other words). "Pictures" is precisely the word, mind - these are computer renderings rather than product photos. Still, they give a good idea of what Vauxall/Opel has in mind (if nowhere else), and the accompanying press release gives one or two further points of insight.

The RAD e's 250 W electric motor we already knew about - but what appears to be new information is that this would be powered by a lithium-ion battery and deliver, according to Vauxhall/Opel's calculations at any rate, 40 Nm of instant torque. The battery would be compatible with the company's FlexFix bicycle carrying system for cars that would allow the RAD e to be charged in transit.

It's claimed that an average speed of 12.4 mph (20 km/h) should be "easily attainable" - presumably over the entirety of its electrically-propelled range of between, er, 40 and 90 miles (64 to 145 km). You've heard of ballpark figures? That's an airfield figure, though to be fair Vauxhall/Opel says this is dependent on terrain.


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