PHOTO CAPTION: 20 pct of all bikes sold in Austria in 2011 were electric assist.

E-Bikes Sales Booming in Austria

Twenty percent of the 480,000 bicycles bought in 2011 were electric-assist.

Published: 11-Mar-2012

Austrians might soon buy half a million bicycles a year due to electric bikes’ (e-bikes) changing reputation, according to retail sector businesspeople.

The image of e-bikes had changed, according to Michael Rummerstorfer. The marketing manager of sport equipment chain Sports Experts told Die Presse today (Thurs) that people were realising that "not only grannies are using e-bikes". He pointed out that various racing cycling models featured batteries as well these days.

Experts think that around 30,000 e-bikes were sold in Austria last year, around 10,000 more than in 2010. Chances that the number purchases of all types of bicycles in Austria soars beyond 500,000 in the foreseeable future are high. Sales analysts think that residents of the country bought 480,000 regular bicycles and e-bikes last year. Nearly 20 per cent were e-bikes, the Economy Chamber (WKO) told Die Presse.


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