Electric Car Charging Goes 'Portable'

Geneva Auto show features exhibits by firms building out charging infrastructure for electric cars.

Published: 15-Mar-2012

For all their environmental, social and economical benefits, electric cars are also extremely inconvenient for drivers who are in constant risk of running out of power due to the limited number of refueling stations available.

As a result, sales of electric cars have lagged, with most consumers going for hybrid options that at least offer the possibility of running on gas.

But with interest in going green growing among consumers, and with tougher emissions standards to kick in from 2013 across the European Union, companies are beginning to introduce new solutions.


London Mayor Boris Johnson with Citroen C-Zero.

London Mayor Boris Johnson calls for city to be electric car capital.

2011 Innovation Challenge winner

The team's high-performance bike has the capabilities of a dirt bike and the practicality of a mountain bike.

Motoczysz E1pc electric motorcycle

Motorcycle racing knows few bounds, so is an ideal arena in which to test and perfect a new generation of electric vehicle technologies.


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