China Pushes Forward with Electric Car Initiatives

Electric car pioneers, including SAIC, Chery and BYD Motors have indicated their commitment to the development of electric vehicle technologies.

Published: 15-Mar-2012

Despite lingering consumer doubts about the technology and practicality of electric vehicles, the Chinese government and automakers are pushing ahead with the development of green cars.

Buyers of hybrid cars, which run on a combination of batteries and conventional engines, are entitled to a direct central government subsidy of 5,000 yuan ($790) per vehicle, while a rebate of up to 60,000 yuan on the purchase price is offered to buyers of battery-driven cars.

Other than government incentives, auto manufacturers are luring buyers of their alternative cars with free maintenance and a range of personalized services.


Opel RAK electric runabout concept.

Two and three passenger commuters like those debuted at 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show could be important options for drivers in Chinese cities.

Chevrolet Volt launches at Auto Guangzhou 2011

China also agreed to grant the same tax credits for buying electric vehicles made by foreign-owned companies that it currently only awards to Chinese-manufactured EVs

Foton electric taxis

Beijing municipal government plans to add 100 electric taxis to current fleet of 50.


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