PHOTO CAPTION: Police testing Diggler stand-up scooter.

Chico University Police Turn In Electric Scooters

While stand up scooters were cost effective, officers fleet more vulnerable than riding a bicycle or even walking.

Published: 15-Mar-2012

CHICO — Twenty-nine months ago, they seemed like an idea whose time had come.

Chico State University was building on a major sustainability campaign, and going green with electric patrol scooters seemed like a way the University Police Department could support the effort in a very visible way.

In October 2009, the department acquired three new police scooters from Diggler, a Petaluma-based company, with the intention of using them to augment campus foot and vehicle patrols, and for parking enforcement.


Mobecpoint charging station of electric scooters and motorcycles in Barcelona.

Iberdrola is providing free green power to the 120 charging stations with plans to expand 300 units.

Engineering students with HAAG Hybrid-electric scooter.

In tests carried out by the students, the HAAAG scooter could traverse 130 km with a fully-charged battery and a full tank, they claimed.

Yamaha Eco-3 Electric Scooter

Electric motorbike sales account for less than one percent of overall motorcycle sales in Europe in 2011.


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