PHOTO CAPTION: Specialized Turbo electric bicycle.

Specialized E-Bike Breaks Records, Speed Limit Laws

Company claims its Turbo e-Bike has a maximum assisted top speed of 45 km/hr or 28 mph, nearly 10 mph faster than allowed by law in US and most other countries.

Published: 29-Mar-2012

[EV World Editor's note: at EV Expo 2012, we rode a converted electric bicycle off the street up to 34 mph, so 28 mph is hardly a record.]

Specialized launched their latest electric bike today called ‘Turbo’ and said that the bike has been in the design labs for over 3 years to claim the title of the world’s fastest electric bicycle. The Turbo e-Bike has its max assisted speed of 45 km/hr (28 mph) which means you can easily break the law in the US & UK with it. Why? Well the maximum allowed speed for electric bikes in the US is 20 mph and in the UK, it is 15.6 mph. Oh yes, did we tell you that the e-bike is expected to cost around €5499 (~$7320). What are you waiting for?

The Turbo e-bike comes with amazing electrical engineering inbuilt. It’s got a 250 watt rear hub motor which is powered by a 342Wh lithium-ion battery integrated into the chasis. Recharging the bike will take about 2 hours and carbon fibre Magura MT series disc brakes will help in regenerative charging of the battery. The bike maker promises approximately 1 hour of cruise time at the top speed and says that their engineering team has done several 40 kilometer flat terrain rides at the top speeds to confirm it. The battery level indicator is mounted on the handle and it lets you operate bike’s LED lights wirelessly.



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