PHOTO CAPTION: Nissan NV200 Taxi

Re-Imagining New York Taxis

Nissan and New York City painstakingly refine details of replacement for the city's ubiquitous yellow cab, which may, someday, be offered as an electric version.

Published: 03-Apr-2012

LA JOLLA, Calif. — The goateed French designer and the bespectacled New York City bureaucrat had been at it for about 20 minutes now, politely arguing about the pros and cons of a particular style of plastic sheet.

“It’s more modern,” said the Frenchman, speaking from inside a life-size mockup of a yellow minivan, parked, somewhat incongruously, in an outdoor Zen garden-cum-design studio on the outskirts of this oceanside village. “Mmm,” said his client, David S. Yassky, the taxi commissioner of New York City. “I’m just not comfortable with that.”

The subject of this debate was a humdrum object more commonly perceived as a fogged-up, scratchiti-marred eyesore: the plastic partition separating the front and rear seats of a yellow cab.



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