PHOTO CAPTION: Chevrolet Volt production halted for 5 weeks.

Chevy Volt Sales Rise in March While LEAF Sales Slump

General Motors sold 2,289 units in March 2012, with YTD sales of 3,915 units.

Published: 04-Apr-2012

With March 2012 now in the history books, US sales of the two most-hyped electrified vehicles have been tallied and it's the Chevy Volt that blazed its way into the record books.

Nissan reports that sales of the all-electric LEAF checked in at 579 units in March, compared to only 478 units in February 2012. That's still below the 676 LEAFs that Nissan reported selling in January 2012, but close to twice the 298 LEAFs sold by Nissan in March 2011.

Sales of the Chevy Volt continue to follow an upward trend with General Motors reporting it sold 2,289 units in March 2012. That's a marked improvement over the 1,203 units sold in February 2012 and nearly four times the 603 Volts sold in January 2012. For the sake of comparison, General Motors sold only 608 Chevy Volts in March 2011.


Chevrolet Volt retails for US$40,280 before tax incentives

Company has delivered total of 550 demo units to dealers in move to raise awareness of the electric hybrid.

GM worker helps complete assembly of Chevrolet Volt electric hybrid.

About 16,000 Volts will be built this year and 60,000 in 2012, according to GM, as it prepares for possibility of $120 oil prices.

Workers assemble Chevrolet Volt at Detroit-Hamtramck assembly plant.

Prior to shut-down of Detroit-Hamtramck plant for equipment upgrades during month of June 2011, some 3,300 Chevrolet Volts will be have been produced


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