PHOTO CAPTION: BYD Qin electric hybrid concept.

BYD Introduces Next Generation Electric Hybrid

Qin concept will run 50 km on 10kWh, an improvement over the earlier F3DM, and is named in honor of China's first dynasty.

Published: 17-Apr-2012

BYD revealed the “Qin” concept, which will become the company’s 2nd generation plug-in hybrid. Their first plug-in hybrid, the F3DM was introduced in 2008 but didn’t have strong sales, like most green vehicles in China.

Like the F3DM, it will feature two modes of operation: hybrid mode (HEV) and pure electrical (EV). According to BYD, this car will vastly outperform its predecessor.

The F3DM needed 16 kWh of electricity to run 60km, while the Qin will run 50km for 10 kWh. The new battery weighs half of what it used to. And the Qin will also be quicker: 6.9 seconds 0-100 km/h versus the F3DM’s 10.5s.


BYD eBus on display during 2011 Berkshire Hathaway shareholder meeting in Omaha, NE.

All-electric eBuses will be placed into commercial service after Games, making it the world's largest EV bus fleet.

BYD eBus to be assembled across the Detroit River in Windsor, Canada.

In addition to Warren Buffett's investment, Daimler AG is a 50-50 partner in BYD’s Chinese electric car business.

 Netherlands Prince Maurits van Oranje with BYD e6 electric car.

All-electric crossover is part of 75-EV-RO project to purchase and deploy 75 different models of new energy vehicles.


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