PHOTO CAPTION: Ikea story with pair of Ecotality Blink electric car charging stations.

Electric Cars Recharging Owner Routines

Between the perks -- like free charging -- and the price, many drivers are considering the switch to electric.

Published: 21-Apr-2012

On any given day, Tricia Wernle piles her two sons into her new Nissan Leaf and heads off to complete the first item on her to-do list: grocery shopping. The Phoenix, Ariz., mother pulls into the local Costco, plugs in her car to a special charger in the parking lot, and lets the electric vehicle juice up while she shops for food.

Routines like Wernle’s are becoming more common for electric-vehicle owners as charging stations are popping up across the country. Los Angeles County currently has 187 electric-vehicle charging locations, with 436 EV chargers, according to EV Charger News- an online directory for locating charging stations.

But as electric charging stations proliferate, they are prompting what could become a profound change in consumer behavior. Many of the new stations in Los Angeles can be found at places like the Costco in Los Feliz, the Westfield Century City Mall, the Westside Pavilion Mall and Dodger Stadium.


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