The Promise and Problems of Electric Cars

Motley Fool commentator John Rosevear speculates on Earth Day weekend about why electric cars aren't taking off.

Published: 24-Apr-2012

They've been touted as the green future of transportation. Billions have been invested to bring them into being, by companies big and small and governments around the world. Rules have been rewritten, infrastructure reconsidered, lofty promises made.

Indeed, the powers that shape the cars that you and I drive are doing all they can to bring an electrified automotive future into being. There's just one big question that hasn't been answered, and on this Earth Day weekend it's worth pondering:

Will there be buyers for all of these electric cars?


2011 Innovation Challenge winner

The team's high-performance bike has the capabilities of a dirt bike and the practicality of a mountain bike.

Motoczysz E1pc electric motorcycle

Motorcycle racing knows few bounds, so is an ideal arena in which to test and perfect a new generation of electric vehicle technologies.

Delta E4 four-passenger electric coupe cost $1.2 million to develop.

Tesla and Fisker aren't the only start-up electric car companies aiming to carve a niche in the electric supercar market.


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