PHOTO CAPTION: BYD Qin electric hybrid concept.

BYD Reveals More Details on Qin Electric Hybrid Sedan

The Qin utilizes a 10kWh battery instead of the 16kWh unit in the FD3M predecessor, giving it an EV-mode range up to 50km (31 miles).

Published: 24-Apr-2012

Details are emerging about BYD upcoming model, “Qin.” Named after China’s first empire, the car is shaping up to be quite groundbreaking on a number of fronts.

The “Qin” plug-in, like its poor-selling cousin, the F3DM, uses BYD’s own LiFePo4 battery. The LiFePo4 battery has a high energy density, can withstand up to 4000 charges while still retaining 80% performance, and is environmentally benign as it uses no toxic heavy metals in its manufacture.

In the “Qin,” BYD opted for a smaller battery of 10kwh instead of the 16kwh model used on the F3dm. Due to its smaller size and improved design, the new battery is about 50% smaller and lighter than the one used on the F3dm. This reduced size also translates into reduced price, but does come at the expense of a slightly reduced all-electric range. The “Qin” is said to be able to go 50km (31 miles) in all electric mode before the engine kicks in.


BYD eBus on display during 2011 Berkshire Hathaway shareholder meeting in Omaha, NE.

All-electric eBuses will be placed into commercial service after Games, making it the world's largest EV bus fleet.

BYD eBus to be assembled across the Detroit River in Windsor, Canada.

In addition to Warren Buffett's investment, Daimler AG is a 50-50 partner in BYD’s Chinese electric car business.

 Netherlands Prince Maurits van Oranje with BYD e6 electric car.

All-electric crossover is part of 75-EV-RO project to purchase and deploy 75 different models of new energy vehicles.


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