PHOTO CAPTION: Micah Toll with PEVO electric bicycles.

Micah Toll's Electric Bicycle Dream for Israel

23 year old plans to manufacture his PEVO electric bicycles in Israel.

Published: 26-Apr-2012

Even before he began his studies at the University of Pittsburgh, Micah Toll was an inventor.

While he was a student at Cedar Crest High School, Toll designed portable, lightweight construction beams that could be used to build houses.

At Pittsburgh, Toll, now 23, has worked on building electric bicycles designed for cities and urban centers.


Ultra Motor A2B Hybrid 24 electric bicycle.

Twelve bikes are available for daily rental from Hertz's Marble Arch location, for £20 per day.

Gocycle electric-assist bicycle.

GoCycle billed as world's lightest production two-wheeled electric vehicle, with Mark 2 to be quieter, smoother and lighter.

Modenas CTric electric motorbike

Modenas CTric has range of 60 km per charge and will require riders in Malaysia have a B2 operators license.


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