PHOTO CAPTION: BMW Mini Scooter E concept revealed at Paris Auto Show in 2010.

Electric Cycles Seen As Future of Personal Transport in London

Survey of mayoral candidate for city of London, England 'see motorcycling and electric motorcycling as part of a green future for solving the capital’s transport problems.'

Published: 04-May-2012

A survey conducted by the MCI (Motorcycle Industry Association) found that nearly all mayoral candidates in London see motorcycling and electric motorcycling as part of a green future for solving the capital’s transport problems. MCI has welcomed the candidates’ support, but says that more than just warm words will be needed if motorcycling’s contribution to transport in London is to be fully recognised.

Both Boris Johnson and Ken Livingstone stated clear support and enthusiasm for motorcycling, and were keen to point out their individual contributions. Ken Livingstone said there was ‘no question’ as to the part motorcycles, scooters and mopeds played in reducing congestion, ‘- that’s why I exempted them from the Congestion Charge when I bought it in. And I will keep it that way’. Boris Johnson highlighted his personal influence – ‘my decision to confirm that motorcycles can use bus lanes on the Transport for London Road Network is a further practical example of my support’.

Electric motorbikes and the provision of charging points was a key concern for all candidates. Boris Johnson included motorcycles in his vision for London as ‘the electric vehicle epicentre of Europe’. Ken Livingstone included motorbikes before cars in his target group for moving from petrol to electric – stating ‘my priorities for supporting the greater take-up of electric vehicles will be buses, taxis and motorbikes’.


Engineering students with HAAG Hybrid-electric scooter.

In tests carried out by the students, the HAAAG scooter could traverse 130 km with a fully-charged battery and a full tank, they claimed.

Yamaha Eco-3 Electric Scooter

Electric motorbike sales account for less than one percent of overall motorcycle sales in Europe in 2011.

Police testing Diggler stand-up scooter.

While stand up scooters were cost effective, officers fleet more vulnerable than riding a bicycle or even walking.


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