PHOTO CAPTION: Michael Barnes races to victory at Infineon Raceway.

Lightning Motorcycle Takes Win At Infineon TTXGP 2012

Lightning electric motorcycle's best lap time just 8 seconds slower than later set by winning Harley XR1200.

Published: 07-May-2012

Michael Barnes (Lightning) and Martin Szwarc (Zero) wins in the first race of this weekends TTXGP electric motorcycle racing action at Infineon. The weekend has seen drama with two wrecks that took Team Icon Brammo out of the action, but that's behind us and it's race time. This first race had the two Lightning Motorcycles and four Zero Motorcycles bikes competing in what's essentially two race classes.

Michael Barnes on the #80 Lightning bike had a flawless race, popping wheelies up the front straight and everything. His team-mate, Tim Hunt, however had a technical problem due to a last minute change the team had made to turn up the regenerative braking, but half-way through the race he had to pull over to the side of the rack, and sit out a couple laps while reseting the system. Michael Barnes had a best lap time of 1:55, which is 8 seconds slower than Barnes set in the Harley XR1200 race an hour later (and, in which, he made an amazing victory).

In the winners circle Barnes made a long pitch for the technical improvements Lightning and other electric motorcycle makers have made over the last three years. The speed and power is much improved over last year, and one concrete indication of this is all the wheelies Barnes popped both on the front straight, and in the S-curves at the back of the track. And then there is the 216 miles/hr electric motorcycle land speed record set by Lightning Motorcycles last summer with an earlier version of the bike racing today.


Record-setting Lightning Motorcycle.

To make a 33 miles/hr jump in one year is simply phenomenal, as team breaks its own record.

Lightning Superbike is first production motorcycle to exceed 200 mph.

This new land speed record maintains the manufacturer's position as the fastest electric bike in the world in its class.

Inizio electric car offers range of motors and battery packs.

U.S. federal government rejects Li-ion Motors' loan application for $288 million.


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