PHOTO CAPTION: Chevrolet Volt costs 25 cents to recharge.

Life with the Chevy Volt: One Year On

Michiganers Mark Hildebrandt and his wife have used a total of 29.7 gallons of gasoline in the year they've owned the Volt.

Published: 09-May-2012

It’s been a year since Mark Hildebrandt and his wife, Lorna, picked up their Chevy Volt — the very first Volt sold in Washtenaw County.

His verdict? It’s been an amazing ride.

“It’s so unlike your typical ride —so silky smooth, so fun to drive,” says Mark Hildebrandt, who admits he was taken back at first by how eerily quiet the car is to drive. “People think of electric vehicles like golf carts and it’s not at all like that.”


GM's Voltec engine. E-motor seen on left.

$269.5 million plant will produce motors for plug-in electric and hybrid vehicles like the Chevy Volt.

GM EN-V self-balancing electric vehicle.

General Motors Chevy Volt only one aspect of initiatives to reinvent personal mobility, including electric EN-V.

GM EN-V would be deployed in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

A recent White Paper from the European Commission proposed the abolition of anything other than electric cars from urban areas by 2050.


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