PHOTO CAPTION: Prius PHV is nearly identical to standard model but offers 12-15 miles of electric driving capability.

2012 Prius PHV Proving Runaway Best Seller

In terms of days on dealership lots, the Prius plug-in hybrid in March and April made it one of the top three fastest selling cars in the USA since its launch in February.

Published: 12-May-2012

What makes a new car a success? Is it the awards it wins, initial sales figures, how many people order it, or the average amount of time it stays on a dealer lot before being sold?

Together, all of the above help us work out which cars are popular and which ones aren’t, but according to (via Autobloggreen), the 2012 Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid is proving to be a runaway hit on dealer lots nationwide.

Quick to sell


Plug-in Prius demonstrator similar to that tested by Chicago Tribune.

Chicago Tribune does test drive of plug-in Prius demonstrator and finds battery depleting at 10 miles.

Toyota G-Stations

200 Volt charger will communicate to the Internet using an open code format that enables web maps and in-vehicle navigation systems to display locations and availabilities of chargers

Toyota iQ EV electric car will be part of condominium car-sharing program in Tokyo and Nagoya.

Six Prius PHEVs and iQ electric vehicles will be allocated to three condos, two in Tokyo and one in Nagoya.


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