PHOTO CAPTION: Cutaway view of fuel cell drive on B-Class F-Cell sedan.

Mercedes-Benz Reportedly Developing Two Fuel Cell Models

Automotive News reports that the second model will likely be a large Sedan or SUV.

Published: 15-May-2012

While many automakers have shied away from hydrogen fuel cell technology, German luxury brand Mercedes-Benz is hard at work on the development of the clean-running vehicles and is on track to launch its first mass-produced example in 2014.

According to Automotive News (subscription required), Mercedes will launch not one but two hydrogen fuel cell vehicles in the coming years, and the second model is likely to be one of its large sedan or SUV models.

The latest information was revealed by Sascha Simon, the product planner for Mercedes-Benz USA, who also said that the cars will be offered to customers in California initially, and eventually New York, New Jersey and Connecticut pending the availability of a suitable refueling network.


Mercedes-Benz Sprinter E-CELL delivery van

Electric Sprinter has estimated range of approximately 135 km (84 miles).

Ener-G-Force SUV concept will debut at 2012 LA Auto Show.

Power comes from a hydrogen fuel cell system that generates power from recycled water stored in rooftop tanks and sends power to the motors located in the wheel hubs.


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