PHOTO CAPTION: Bill Ford, Jr. with Ford Focus Electric car.

Fox News Highlights Five Electric Cars

Review of five all-electric models available in North America.

Published: 18-May-2012

Car technology has come a long way. In the fight to decrease dependency on oil and avoid high gas prices, more electric-powered cars are starting to make their way onto the scene. It's now possible to get what's referred to as an mpg equivalent of more than 100. That's mostly due to drastic improvements in lithium-ion battery technology.

Lithium-ion batteries are able to produce more power in a smaller area than their nickel-metal-hydride counterparts, which are used in some hybrids such as the Prius. That gives vehicles with lithium-ion technology a significant increase in distance and speed.

Just like a gas-powered vehicle, you'll need to fill up the tank, or in this case, charge the battery. Fuel capacity of electric cars is measured in kilowatt hours instead of gallons. The more kilowatt-hour capacity a battery has, the greater distance and power you'll get.


Motoczysz E1pc electric motorcycle. Photo courtesy of David Folch.

MotoCzysz E1pc electric motorcycle will showcase advanced EV technology on race circuit.

Subaru R1e electric car prototype in New York's Time Square.

Columbia University’s Earth Institute Executive Director Steven Cohen suspects ' that the transition to electric vehicles will happen suddenly and unpredictably; perhaps sooner than we think.'

AC Propulsion's groundbreaking tZero demonstrated viability of AC induction motor later adopted by Telsa Motors..

AC induction motors eliminate reliance on strategic rare earth elements.


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