PHOTO CAPTION: Ford C-Max Energi electric hybrid (plug-in).

Ford Adopts 'Power of Choice' Message For Hybrids, EVs

Ford Motor Company is hosting 19 events around the country as part of its "Go Further" tour to generate 'buzz' for its electric and hybrid vehicles.

Published: 04-Jun-2012

ORLANDO From social media scavenger hunts to presentations at hotels, state capitols, and museums, Ford Motor Company is hosting 19 events around the country as part of its "Go Further" tour to create excitement and interest in its electric and hybrid vehicles. With nationwide coordination from Ogilvy Public Relations and local execution from regional PR firms, Ford is targeting markets where these types of vehicles are already selling well and creating events that provide information and test-drive opportunities.

"We have chosen to do some experiential things to go into these communities," said Chad D'Arcy, Ford Focus Electric marketing manager, "to engage influencers and media and really target folks who are advocates and can get the news out about what Ford is offering, instead of using traditional print and TV, which is more of a pull then a push."

Each event is based on the same message—that Ford’s lineup of electric, hybrid, and plug-in hybrid vehicles gives consumers the “Power of Choice”—but the settings and activities have been tailored to each market.


Ford C-Max Hybrid to go on sale in 2012

Ford will grow its electrified vehicle production capacity to more than 100,000 annually by 2013, including launch of C-Max Hybrid.

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New York City now has the largest largest municipal electric vehicle fleet in the country, now totaling 430 units.

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Ford has had not one failure of its electric motors despite 80 million miles and 380,000 hybrid-electric vehicles on the road.


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