Interest Increasing in Fuel-Efficiency and Hybrids

New Jersey dealers seeing increasing buyer interest in cars that use less fuel and produce fewer greenhouse gases.

Published: 04-Jun-2012

High gas prices and eco-concerned consumers are increasing an interest in hybrid and fuel efficient cars. In the effort to save the environment through reducing harmful emissions and consuming less non-renewable resources, the automotive world is making strides in producing environmentally friendly cars for eco-friendly and budget conscience consumers.

What is the best way to go green with your transportation? There are different options for different driving needs, and for every budget there is a fuel-efficient vehicle available, from the no frills commuter cars to the luxury hybrids. A green car is a vehicle that uses less gas and produces cleaner and fewer emissions.

According to Bob Norbury of Newton Honda, Honda offers three models equipped with hybrid technology: the Honda Civic Hybrid, Honda Insight and Honda CR-Z. In addition to the economy of the hybrid power plant, Honda has added "Eco-Assist," which is akin to an onboard coach that will help the driver improve his driving habits to increase fuel mileage. The engines also are Partial Zero Emission. Honda also has the Civic HF, which uses non-hybrid technology to deliver high fuel economy.


Most cost-effective hybrid in BCAA analysis is Lexus CT200h hybrid.

BCAA study of 23 hybrid models finds that under current economic and policy milieu in Canada, most models cost more over five-year operational life than non-hybrid counterparts.

Volkswagen Touret Hybrid scored 'Very Poor' on USC Hybrid Scorecard.

UCS's Hybrid Scorecard evaluates 34 hybrids for their fuel efficiency, environmental improvement, consumer value, as well as forced features used to inflate prices.

Alcatraz Island tourist ferry 'Hornblower'

Alcatraz Island tour boat is powered by mixture of diesel generators, batteries, wind and solar.


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