PHOTO CAPTION: BMW i3 city electric car is set to debut in 2013

Rumored: BMW May Be Scaling Back i-Series Expectations

Purportedly, company is concerned that it won't be able to hits its 100,000 units goal due to lack of charging infrastructure and government incentives.

Published: 10-Jun-2012

In 2013 BMW will launch the i3, the first fully electric vehicle part of the new i sub-brand. The electric project kicked off years ago and went through a series of iterations that began wit the MINI E and more recently, the 1 Series ActiveE.

Next on the roadmap is the i8, BMW’s own interpretation of sportscar that runs on alternative drivetrains, in this case, a hybrid combining three electric motors with a small, 1.5 liter petrol combustion engine. The electrified concept is due out in 2014.

As we learned in the past BMW is placing a large bet on the electric vehicles market and the investments so far have been substantial. But according to Automobile Mag, things might not be as glamorous as previously reported. The U.S. magazine says that i brand is “skating on dangerously thin ice.”


BMW Mini-E electric car.

BMW Mini-E lessees have adapted to the electric cars short-comings, including 80-100 miles range and two seats.

EV enthusiast Stefano Paris with BMW Mini-E electric car.

Study finds cars fun to drive and that 'range anxiety' was not a big issue for most drivers.

Concept electric-scooter in BMW camouflage.

Range target is 100 km with acceleration comparable to maxi-scooters with 600cc engines.


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