PHOTO CAPTION: Smart electric bicycle.

Smart Cycling: Reconsidering the E-Bike

Darius Sanai takes smart's new electric-assist bicycle for a spin around London, England

Published: 25-Jun-2012

For anyone living or working within the Boris Bike zone in central London, one of the greatest benefits of our Mayor's bipedal revolution has been the democratisation of the experience of cycling vicariously. Until a couple of years ago, non-cyclists like me could only look with a blend of awe and fear at the lycra-clad road warriors braving rain and taxi drivers alike; the most mild-mannered of designers on my magazines would be transformed into a fearsome looking figure at the start and end of each day.

Then along came Boris Bikes and suddenly the cycling populace broadened to clueless tourists wobbling past the "No cycling" signs by the Serpentine, shiny suited managers clutching briefcases with three fingers, dandies in three-piece hopsack Neapolitan tailoring, hipsters in fuschia Roland Mouret and sweaty salesmen trying to beat the Tube to the next meeting.

Cycling in London is clearly now for anyone, but for me the fear of being crushed by traffic and the (admittedly far more trivial) allergy to ruining my Maison Martin Margiela shirts through over-drenching in sweat, have meant I remained an armchair cyclist.


TranzX PST electric-assist bicycle equipped with AGT transmission.

AGT allows convenient rider control of gear selection, providing TranzX PST powered e-bikes with peak electric support at all times.

Smart e-Bike debuts at 2011 NAIAS. Behind it is smart electric scooter.

The electric bike was designed primarily by a senior Daimler designer based in Beijing.

1000 Watt electric bicycle conversion kit

Inventor is professor at University of Western Australia who is also involved in solar algae hydrogen research.


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