PHOTO CAPTION: Tuner Motorsports BMW ActiveE

Tuning A Better BMW Active E Electric Car

Big time BMW tuner and race team such as Turner Motorsport upgrades the ActiveE electric car to stay ahead of its competition.

Published: 25-Jun-2012

It may have seemed weird to some that a big BMW tuner and race team such as Turner Motorsport would obtain an electric 1-series known as the ActiveE. Despite it being fun to drive, the car as it stands is leased by BMW in limited numbers and in limited markets. Furthermore, the ActiveE is about as un-sport as a BMW can get; it’s relatively slow, lacks the sport suspension, sport seats, and a proper transmission. Why would Turner bother with it?

Research and development – to stay ahead of the competition, on the street and on the race track. The ActiveE is basically a test vehicle for BMW; a continuation of the MINI E project. ActiveE’s replacement will no doubt be the something from the BMW i camp and Turner Motorsport wants to be ready for it when it comes out. Furthermore, the use of KERS in Formula 1 along with various diesels and hybrids running around Circuit de la Sarthe this past weekend, prove that it’s only a matter of time before Turner’s own race cars will have over-sized batteries in their trunks.

Since I drove this car, the Turner ActiveE has gained an improvement in handling via Bilstein PSS10 coil-overs and bigger wheels with stickier tires from Will’s own 2012 335i Sportline. The look was further improved by the removal of the factory ActiveE stickers and an addition of Genuine BMW black grills. These subtle modifications did a lot for the appearance and performance of the car. But I am looking forward to see what Turner Motorsport will add next to this little car…


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