PHOTO CAPTION: Ecotality Blink electric car chargers are attractive, but reportedly problem prone.

Ecotality Chargers Often on the 'Blink'

Despite hefty government funding, the company's electric car charging stations are faulty and its 800 number useless, write John Voelcker.

Published: 26-Jun-2012

You'd think a company awarded $115 million by the Department of Energy to build electric-car charging stations would make them accessible to every single driver, wouldn't you?

Apparently, you'd be wrong.

At least, that is, in the case of Ecotality's Blink network.


Technician sets up Aerovironment fast charge station near Cottage Grove, Oregon.

Cross Washington and Oregon proved relatively easy with amble fast charge stations; California, on the other hand, provide a challenge for Tony Williams and his daughter.

AeroVironment residential charger is relocatable.

The station comes with an installation kit and mounting template and retails for $1,099.00.

Mennekes Type 2 Connector will now be standard in Europe

With European Commission proposing to mandate tens of thousands of public chargers across Europe, move to adopt the German design seen adding impetus to initiative to put more EVs on Europe's roads.


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