PHOTO CAPTION: Ford's Alan Mulally says its Focus EV battery pack costs between $550-600 per kilowatt hour.

Are Electric Car Batteries Already at $250 Kilowatt Hour?

Wolfgang Bernhart, a partner at Rolan Berger Strategy Consultants, thinks they are, so why are EV prices still so high, asks Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield?

Published: 26-Jun-2012

How expensive are electric car battery packs?

It’s a topic of much discussion among electric car fans, and a closely guarded secret within the auto industry, but now an industry analyst has suggested that improved technology and economies of scale has lowed electric car battery pack costs to just $250 per kilowatt-hour of energy stored.

Wolfgang Bernhart, partner at Rolan Berger Strategy Consultants, explained to EVupdate that battery prices are already much lower than previous predictions had indicated.


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