PHOTO CAPTION: Illustration showing Nissan LEAF sharing power with solar home.

Are You Ready to Power Your Home with Your Car?

The vehicle-to-grid system is all part of a vision for a smarter energy system for Japan following last year’s tsunami- and earthquake-triggered nuclear disaster.

Published: 09-Jul-2012

Hundreds of thousands of Americans were left without power for days after a violent storm front moved through from the Midwest to the Mid-Atlantic last week. But what if — in the case of a blackout — you could just use your car to power your home?

It might sound futuristic, but in Japan it is already happening.

In Ginza, a posh shopping district in the heart of Tokyo — customers looking to buy a car can do something they can’t do anywhere else in the world — walk into a Nissan dealer and buy an all electric Leaf that will integrate into their home’s energy supply. Simply put, the car powers the home and the home powers the car.


Dongfeng Nissan Venucia (Qi Chen) Concept

Nissan Renault Alliance's Carlos Ghosn also announces that Nissan has now produced 10,100 LEAF electric cars.

Mitsubishi i-MiEVs will be able to feed emergency power to owner homes during power outage.

Nissan Leaf’s 24-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery can feed six kilowatts of electric power to a home, enough to satisfy the average power needs of a Japanese residence for two days.

Nissan LEAF fast charging with CHAdeMo system.

Alliance between Nissan, Circutor, DBT, Efacec, Endesa and Siemens expected to result per unit price under €10K, cutting current pricing by more than half.


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