The Death of the Electric Car Market Is Highly Exaggerated

Amora McDaniel sees three critical reasons by the all-electric car market is far from dead as USA Today article suggests.

Published: 12-Jul-2012

American drivers have soured on all-electric vehicles, according to a report by USA Today.

The paper reports drivers are not buying electric cars because they fear being stranded without a charging station nearby and because drivers are generally happy with the lower-priced, fuel-efficient engines available in gasoline-fueled cars. The article cites a report by Pike Research that scoffs at President Obama’s goal of 1 million plug-ins on the road by 2015. The report says Obama will be lucky to hit the goal by 2018:

"There is little evidence that any … breakthroughs will happen to any significant degree in the next five or six years," Pike Research said in the report. "Those betting on strong early growth curves hoped that battery prices would quickly fall, positive word of mouth would quickly spread or automakers would introduce new models more quickly."


AC Propulsion's groundbreaking tZero demonstrated viability of AC induction motor later adopted by Telsa Motors..

AC induction motors eliminate reliance on strategic rare earth elements.

President Obama tours Johnson Controls battery plant in Holland, MI with Elizabeth Rolinski.

US Department of Energy's $175m of funding would be provided over the next three to five years to 40 different projects across 15 states.

Gazelle electric-assist bicycle.

Improvements in hub motors and lighter lithium batteries is spurring sales.


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