PHOTO CAPTION: Kandi electric car similar to those that will be used in lease program in Hangzhou, China.

Chinese City Plans Order for 20,000 Kandi Electric Cars

Cars will be used in Hangzhou's pilot electric car leasing program.

Published: 12-Jul-2012

The city of Hangzhou just signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Kandi Technologies (NASD:KNDI) and nine other companies to supply 20,000 electric vehicles (EVs) for the city’s “pilot” EV leasing program. Kandi is the only EV supplier to take part; other companies involved will supply the batteries (Air Lithium (Lyoyang) Co. Ltd.) and charging by the local utility. The utility will fund construction of a charging and battery swap station network as well as paying for the batteries.

The batteries will serve a dual use for grid stabilization, or Vehicle to Grid (V2G) technology. The batteries will be financed by charges to electricity customers because of this dual use. So, in addition to this being the largest EV sale ever announced, the project is also effectively the largest scale trial of the use of EV batteries for V2G. V2G is a concept much talked about in academic circles, but so far if has only seen small scale pilot projects in the West. Part of the problem with implementing V2G is typically the split incentives between battery owners and the utility. Battery owners naturally worry about reduced performance of their very expensive battery packs if they are used for V2G. The Hangzhou project neatly avoids this conflict of interest because the utility owns the batteries, and the EVs are only available for lease.

Financial Impact for Kandi


Kandi Technologies electric car has robotically exchangeable battery.

Tom Konrad sees China EV-maker Kandi well along the road to financial viability, unlike Tesla, which he and others see as entering the technology 'valley of death.'

Kandi-developed self-drive  electric car rental parking tower.

Zhejiang Kandi Vehicles Co., Ltd. has signed a Cooperative Framework Agreement for the Promotion of Self-driving Electric Vehicle Rental for Public Transportation in Hangzhou Project with Zhejiang Guoxin Vehicle Leasing Company.

Kandi electric car is similar in appearance to European smart car.

The primary product of the Zhejiang Kandi Electric will be to provide EVs and EV services for the intra-city public transportation.


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