New York City Cracking Down on E-Bikes

Food delivery workers in New York City use electric bikes so they can deliver more food and make more money, but many regard them as reckless.

Published: 20-Jul-2012

In New York City, ordering take-out meals is practically a way of life. Many people don’t cook, or work too much to cook, and depend on fast, reliable deliverymen to bring them whatever they desire. In many neighborhoods, especially in Manhattan, residents can call up a whole host of cuisines directly to their door.

Beyond wanting choice, New Yorkers want their food quickly, and they want it hot.

Restaurant deliverymen, in order to do their jobs well, often ride bicycles, and some have taken to riding electric bicycles. Either option is a known safety hazard. Reports of bicyclists riding the wrong way against traffic, riding on sidewalks and not obeying the rules of the road, are common.


1000 Watt electric bicycle conversion kit

Inventor is professor at University of Western Australia who is also involved in solar algae hydrogen research.

Smart e-bike is equipped with 250W motor, which limit for electric-assist bicycles in Europe.

Sales of pedal-assist bicycles in Europe have been robust, more than tripling from 200,000 units in 2007 to 700,000 last year.

Stealth Electric Bikes USA new 'Hurricane' Model

The new and lighter Hurricane bike series is available in 2 models with competition-mode peak power topping out at 5,000 Watts


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