PHOTO CAPTION: Protanium shaft drive

Protanium Introduces Electric Shaft Drive for E-Bikes

The built-in 250 W - 36V motor is capable of a 540 W peak power and maximum torque output of up to 63Nm.

Published: 07-Aug-2012

NIJMEGEN, Netherlands - Whether it will be widely used in many brands of electric bikes is still unclear. But fact is that e-bike systems supplier Protanium is launching a highly innovative drive system for electric bikes at the Eurobike show which opens its doors later this month.

In Friedrichshafen Protanium is launching a system in which the motor is part of a shaft drive. This means that electric bikes equipped with the Protanium shaft motor system has no chain. Instead the pedals drive through gears the shaft that spins the rear wheel through additional gears.

Cardan Drive not new
Shaft drive for bicycles is not new. Time and again it has been introduced. Despite favorable properties as maintenance free and clean it has never been widely used in regular bikes. In particular because of transmission losses. However, with the integrated electric motor such losses could be compensated for which a powerful engine is needed. This is exactly what the Protanium shaft motor offers.


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