PHOTO CAPTION: Renault electric car pulls into Halo charging location in London during 2012 Olympics.

Wireless Charging Could Accelerate Electric Car Adoption

Qualcomm's Halo wireless-charging holds the promise of a small, potentially portable, low-maintenance, and infrastructure-free method of EV charging.

Published: 13-Aug-2012

San Diego-based Qualcomm Inc. recently announced that it has partnered with the automaker Renault for a field trial of its new wireless electric vehicle charging system later this year in London.

According to Forbes:

“The California-based company signed a memorandum of understanding with Renault to work on the field trial and to figure out how to integrate the wireless charging technology into Renault’s cars. Qualcomm also announced on Tuesday that Delta Motorsport, an automotive engineering company in the United Kingdom, plans to put Qualcomm’s wireless technology into its electric cars, which will then be used for the same field trial in London later this year.”


ABB Terra DC fast-charge station

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Elektrobay awarded patent for this charging technology.

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Halo IPT wireless charging would be build into bicycle docking stations.


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