PHOTO CAPTION: Renault ZOE ZE electric car being cold weather tested in Lapland, Finland.

Renault ZOE Electric Car Passes Cold Weather Tests In Lapland

At -25°C, ZOE is fully functional and drops in performance are almost unnoticeable.

Published: 20-Aug-2012

We recently put ZOE through its paces in Lapland. All summer long we have shown you each step in the genesis of the new model, from design to crash tests. And now we are going to look at a decisive phase in the conception of our electric city car: cold weather tests.

All about cold weather tests
Vehicle powertrains and mechanical components are subjected to tough conditions in winter. So we have to make sure that the cars we put on the road can resist extreme temperatures. Other components apart from the engine are closely monitored. The gearbox, for example, must not be restricted or slowed down by extreme cold.

We check a broad range of equipment, including the heating, and pay close attention to the quality of defogging and defrosting systems and the correct operation of shock absorbers and the ABS in snow. We also ensure that no snow gets under the hood or builds up on the brakes, which could lead to problems. The only way to properly check these points is through cold weather test drives. Which is why they are so important.


Renault Kangoo ZE electric delivery van

Company has produced total of 349 pre-production versions of the Z.E. all-electric delivery van.

Grand opening of Renault's Lardy EV Test Centre

3,300 square meter center is located in Lardy, France.

Renault Kangoo ZE wins What Van 'Van of the Year' Award

Renault asserts Kangoo ZE is world’s first 100% electric van produced by a mass market manufacturer.


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