Questions Remain About Benefits of Electric Cars

In the short-term it all boils down to battery technology… How quickly can the world de-carbonise these products?

Published: 27-Aug-2012

As a world population we have been seduced by the green message when it comes to new cars. The problem is that, the more we find out, the less we like what we hear. Electric vehicles were first introduced to us because oil is a finite resource. No oil – no petrol, as simple as that. OK, we said, fair enough, and manufacturers got started on the technology.

Since then, presumably as an interim measure, car makers have produced some fantastically frugal new engine technologies that make our cars go much further. More internal combustion for your buck, as it were, and with no penalties in performance or enjoyment. Add to that the rise of hybrid technology and we are suddenly confronted with a three way choice (so often seen as a good thing).

Now, to add to the confusion, there is a school of thought that is saying that EV’s are not as kind to the environment as it would seem. Given that our government has been trumpeting the message for so long, drivers are beginning to wonder if their sacrifice is as worthwhile as they have been lead to believe (and isn’t that always the case with governments!).


Opel One Euro concept electric vehicle designed for in-city driving.

Tyler Hamilton contends that those who declare electric cars 'stillborn' in their first year display a stunning amount of 'ignorance.'

Streetscooter concept would serve as platform of small delivery van, as well as passenger sedan.

Order could include up to 20,000 electric delivery vans.

Illustration of cabin area of Audi Urban Concept electric car designed to match EV technology to economic realities.

Given the challenges facing electric vehicles, automakers are searching for their economic sweet spot.


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