PHOTO CAPTION: Protanium shaft-drive electric-assist bicycle.

German Firm Secures Exclusive Sales Rights to Protanium Shaft Drive E-Bike

Protanium shaft-drive offers better efficiency (92%) through direct power transmission.

Published: 11-Sep-2012

Benchmark Drives, known for developing high-end drive system components, was able to add another product to their portfolio just in time for the Eurobike. Due to the good reputation in the e-bike market, Benchmark Drives was able to secure the exclusive sales rights to the new shaft drive system for Germany, Austria and Switzerland from Protanium and will already exhibit the system at the Eurobike.

Light, clean drive system without chain The completely new, recently introduced by Protanium, shaft drive system, besides the visual appearance, offers various technical advantages, which emerge due to the completely sealed system. The intelligent construction, which combines the benefits of the motor and the shaft drive, protects the system with an integrated controller from dirt, which leads to a better durability and less maintenance, while at the same time offering better efficiency (92%) through direct power transmission.

A double planet gear enables a high torque of up to 63Nm, which is steered exactly to the rider´s needs by an optical speed and torque sensor. The motor, which offers nine support modes, operates directly onto the cardan shaft and even when the motor is shut off the rider won´t feel any resistance.

Another characteristic of the drive system is, apart from the possibility of a coaster brake, the light weight, which is enabled by the compact construction of the system. An additional highlight is the removable display, which functions as a key to the system.

Disadvantages for the system don´t exist, because even the supposedly disadvantages in comparison with a chain, are only valid if the chain is in an ideal, freshly maintained and clean condition, which is barely ever the case. The first e-bikes with the shaft drive will be available in stores in 2013. For additional information visit our fair booth at the Eurobike in Hall A2-209 or test the e-bike in the open exhibition grounds east – Booth 500.

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