PHOTO CAPTION: Wisper electric-assist bicycles along the Thames Embankment in London, England.

Wisper Bringing German E-Bikes to UK

German-made Grace will be offered in three model lines.

Published: 28-Aug-2012

Electric bike specialist Wisper has signed a distribution deal to bring Germany’s Grace to UK cycle retailers.

Grace company founder Michael Hecken designed the first e-motorbike authorised for street use in Europe and he has worked with Nicolai of Germany to produce the Grace Easy and Grace MX pedelecs. Nicolai specialises in lightweight MTB frames and components.
More than forty custom-built items and proprietary developments for the Grace range are manufactured by Nicolai. In 2011, Grace began serial production in cooperation with a large German bicycle factory and has completed the development of the Smart e-bike launched this year.

Wisper will offer the three-bike Grace range, but will specialise in the pedelec versions of the lightweight Grace Easy and the Grace MX mountain bike. Both will appear at the NEC Cycle Show, where they will be available to test ride.


Smart e-bike is equipped with 250W motor, which limit for electric-assist bicycles in Europe.

Sales of pedal-assist bicycles in Europe have been robust, more than tripling from 200,000 units in 2007 to 700,000 last year.

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