PHOTO CAPTION: Optibike is electric assist bike

Electric Bikes Ease Boulder, Colorado Commutes

Colorado commuters finding the value and joys of riding electric-assist bicycles to work.

Published: 29-Aug-2012

Tom Satter's commute to work is slow enough to savor views of the Flatirons, but quick enough to arrive home in time for dinner.

The father of two commutes 14 miles each way from his Boulder home to his job at Xilinx in Longmont on an electric bicycle, also called an "E-bike." The Satter family, including his wife, Gayen Howard, daughter, Holly, 13, and son, Isaak, 8, don't own a car. It's a conscious choice the family made more than two years ago, after their only car died in Alamosa.

Satter rides his bike in any weather, (he even has studded tires for snow). As a result of the 8,250 miles he pedaled since April 2011, the software engineer has lost 10 pounds, reduced his carbon footprint dramatically and saved thousand of dollars on car expenses. And a big perk, he says, is the hour saved each day with help from the bike's electric motor, reducing what would be a one and a quarter hour traditional bicycle commute to roughly 45 minutes. He saves even more time (and money) by skipping workouts at the gym, his commute also serving as his exercise routine.


Smart e-bike is equipped with 250W motor, which limit for electric-assist bicycles in Europe.

Sales of pedal-assist bicycles in Europe have been robust, more than tripling from 200,000 units in 2007 to 700,000 last year.

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