PHOTO CAPTION: Chevrolet Volts on Hamtramck assembly line.

Wall Street Journal Continues Anti-EV Attacks

Jeff Siegel criticizes Jim Jelter's electric vehicle-bashing piece, calling the Volt a failure because GM closes the Hamtramck assembly plant for 4 weeks to retool for new Impala.

Published: 30-Aug-2012

Jim Jelter over the Wall Street Journal wrote his obligatory electric vehicle-bashing piece right on schedule.

After it was announced that GM has temporarily suspended production of the Volt for a month in order to address both an oversupply issue and to prepare for production of the 2014 Impala, Jelter wrote that he didn't buy it. What's to buy?

We went through this song and dance back in March. GM temporarily halted production of the Volt due to an oversupply, and the anti-EV brigade ran to tell everyone that electric cars, including the Volt, were dead. Meanwhile, since that date, nearly 11,000 Volts have been sold.


Chevrolet Volt battery pack is liquid cooled.

According to anonymous source, crystalized coolant allowed damaged cells to short circuit.

Chevrolet Volt structures would be made more crash resistant, despite already enjoying 5-star safety rating.

Proposed fixes include reinforcing battery back, strength body against side impacts and laminating circuitry.

Vauxhall Ampera is manufactured in Detroit.

Ampera uses similar platform and battery system used in the Chevrolet Volt.


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