PHOTO CAPTION: Avtovaz electric car is based on Lada Kalina.

Russia's Tech Chief Buys First Avtovaz's Electric Car

Based on the Lada Kalina has top speed of 140 km/h and city driving range up to 150 km.

Published: 31-Aug-2012

Sergei Chemezov, the head of Russian state-owned corporation Russian Technologies (Rostechnologii), which is a shareholder in Avtovaz, has bought one of Avtovaz's El Lada electric cars, built on the platform of the Kalina model, from the first small-scale batch.

"I bought the first electric car from this series. The vehicle is very fast and agile. My ten-year-old son is already driving it, and I sit nearby - it's dangerous for pedestrians because it moves so quietly," Chemezov said at the Thursday signing of an agreement between Avtovaz and the Stavropol territory to supply 100 electric cars for the region's taxi services in the next two years. The agreement was signed in the framework of the Moscow International Automobile Salon.

Chemezov, who is the chairman of Avtovaz's board of directors, said that he bought the car for 1.25 million rubles. "It's still pretty expensive," he said.

Small-scale production of the El Lada has begun, Avtovaz's President Igor Komarov said at a press conference. "Further development of production will depend on government support and the government policy in the electric car sphere," he said, adding that the company has invested around 500 million rubles in the electric car production project in two years.

Avtovaz tested its electric car in the Stavropol territory in the middle of last year. The El Lada is based on the platform of the Lada Kalina, weighs 1,200 kilograms, and has maximum speed of 140 kilometers/hour. For running in city mode at a distance of up to 150 kilometers, the car needs to be charged for eight hours on an ordinary electrical outlet.


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