PHOTO CAPTION: Doking electric car concept

Croatian Car Show Features First Electric Cars

Show in Zagreb's Lake Jarun will feature Rimac million dollar super car and compact Doking city car.

Published: 31-Aug-2012

The Croatian Car Festival is set to be held from 1-2 September at Zagreb's Lake Jarun, with more than 500 vehicles from 30 brands of cars showcased. Visitors to the festival will aslo learn the latest news from the automobile industry, and have a chance to see oldtimer vehicles.

Some of the world's most renowned car manufacturers will display their cars to the Croatian public, such as, Chevrolet Malibu, Chevrolet Cruse SW, Infiniti FX, the Range Rover Evoque, Renault Megane RS, Honda Accord Type S, the Maserati Gran Sport Coupe and the two motorcycle models from Honda.

For the first time visitors will be able to see live the supersport electric car produced by Concept One's young Croatian innovator Mate Rimac, and also the small convertible model produced by Doking Automotiv.


Opel One Euro concept electric vehicle designed for in-city driving.

Tyler Hamilton contends that those who declare electric cars 'stillborn' in their first year display a stunning amount of 'ignorance.'

Streetscooter concept would serve as platform of small delivery van, as well as passenger sedan.

Order could include up to 20,000 electric delivery vans.

Illustration of cabin area of Audi Urban Concept electric car designed to match EV technology to economic realities.

Given the challenges facing electric vehicles, automakers are searching for their economic sweet spot.


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