PHOTO CAPTION: TransJakarta Busway is Jakarta's bus rapid transit system, which the author would like to see electrified, instead of private cars.

Indonesia Better Off with Electric Transit Than Electric Cars

Teddy Lesmana urges government to focus on development of electric-powered public transit and not personal electric cars as way to reduce congestion and pollution.

Published: 03-Sep-2012

We have been witnessing euphoria about electric car production in our public discourse, with the government aiming to mass produce 10,000 such vehicles in 2014. The talk about electric cars emerges hot on the heels of a government policy to curb fuel subsidies.

As part of that policy, the government once planned to promote the use of gas for the transportation sector. Electric cars, however, are a more likely answer to address mounting pressures on fuel subsidies resulting from increased fossil fuel consumption.

Moreover, with growing public awareness of global warming and the increasingly urgent need to reduce carbon emissions, the role of electric cars in our transportation system looks unavoidable. The next questions are: “How ready are we?” and “How should we deal with this electric car discourse?”


Opel One Euro concept electric vehicle designed for in-city driving.

Tyler Hamilton contends that those who declare electric cars 'stillborn' in their first year display a stunning amount of 'ignorance.'

Streetscooter concept would serve as platform of small delivery van, as well as passenger sedan.

Order could include up to 20,000 electric delivery vans.

Illustration of cabin area of Audi Urban Concept electric car designed to match EV technology to economic realities.

Given the challenges facing electric vehicles, automakers are searching for their economic sweet spot.


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