Help Fund Electric Motorcycle Record Attempt

Brandon Nozaki Miller is looking for GoFundMe support to build an electric motorcycle to set new speed record.

Published: 13-Sep-2012

Things have been super crazy these past few days. I only recently found out that there was a class in the FIM/AMA record books just waiting for me and my electric motorcycle to break. I was going to wait until next year to go for the record when I found out about it. However, after sitting and thinking about it for a little while, the excitement just started to bubble up in me like fizz in can of soda punted across a school parking lot. I had to chase that record…but I need your help.

Editors Note: We are all about green racing here at, and to help Brandon reach his goal we are pledging $100 to Brandon’s cause. There is only a week for him to raise over $1,500, and every little bit counts. Let’s see if we can’t get this guy into the record books!

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