PHOTO CAPTION: Actor Leonardo DiCaprio with Fisker Karma electric hybrid.

Why Leo DiCaprio Invested in Fisker Automotive

Investment seen as natural progression from the actor's early ownership of Toyota Prius hybrid.

Published: 23-Sep-2012

Leonardo DiCaprio is more than a pretty face and a Hollywood star; he recently discussed his involvement with Fisker Automotive. The Karma, manufactured by Fisker, is a plug-in hybrid luxury sports sedan that was developed in Anaheim, California and became available for purchase in 2011.

DiCaprio has made a name for himself appearing in blockbuster films like "Titanic," "Shutter Island" and "The Departed." Besides having two films scheduled to be released in 2013, "The Wolf of Wall Street" and "The Great Gatsby," the 37-year-old actor recently discussed why he is investing in Fisker Automotive.

According to an article that appeared in Top Gear and was discussed at, the actor has been driving hybrids for a while. However, there was always something lacking in their design or range, according to the actor who got his first regular acting job on "Growing Pains." His involvement with Fisker Automotive began when he realized the hybrids he owned could possibly leave him stranded on the Pacific Coast Highway.


Fisker Karma's sensuous lines exudes sex appeal.

Conservative columnist Michael Geer

Fisker stands by its claim that the Karma will go 50 miles on a full charge, despite EPA rating of 32 miles.

EPA certifies Karma at 52 MPGe and only 20 mpg in series hybrid mode.

Fisker Karma demonstrates range of 50+ miles in EV-mode in TUV tests.

Technischer Ueberwachungs Verein carried out the most thorough tests yet of the Karma’s real-world urban performance.


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